Clay Stothers – Director of Instruction

Clay Stothers joined the PGA in 2002. He started his pro career in Victoria, British Columbia at Royal Colwood Golf Club. Clay has been the Lead Coach at The Okanagan Golf Club since 2010.

His passion for helping others and love of the game has lead him to winning the PGA of BC Teacher of Year award in 2014.

Conner Kozak – Assistant Professional

At an early age of about 8 or 9 years old, Conner began to develop a strong passion for the sport of golf. This passion only grew stronger into his teens as he began to notice continual improvement in his game and in competition. Following a junior golf career highlighted by several championships and top finishes in high level competition, Conner had the privilege of being recruited to play varsity golf at the University of British Columbia. While pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, he was named team captain for three out of his four years on the team. During his time on the team, Conner was able to help lead the T-Birds to numerous tournament wins and national championships.

Now as a professional, he believes in growing the game at all levels of play and is driven by providing the opportunity for others to love the game, just as it was once given to him.

Jeff Pain – Mental & Nutritional Coach

As an Olympic silver medalist and 3x Olympian with 22 World Cup medals and 4 World Championship titles, I know what it takes to be the best.  While these metrics would appear to define me, it is in fact the values and lessons behind the medals that now serve as the foundation I am passionate to share with others.  My mission is to propel golfers to the top of the leaderboard.
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Tad Desimone MSc CSCS – Head of Strength & Conditioning

Tad has deep passion for athletic training and sports performance. He has prepared elite athletes for university, professional, and international opportunities in a variety of sports, including golf. He believes combining constant assessment with precision in training is the most efficient way to unlock an athletes full potential. His number one goal is to educate junior golfers on how to train to achieve the best possible results with maximum transfer to golf performance.

Jeff Staheli MSc DC – Director of Sports Therapy

Our sports therapy clinic works with athletes to focus on injury recovery and injury prevention. We provide sport specific movement assessments that are designed to identify mobility restrictions and strength imbalances. This will help identify the source of pain and dysfunction with the goal being to improve health and performance. We work collaboratively with your coach and trainer to help create an individualized training program to help with your specific goals.


Clay Stothers
Director of Instruction


  • Conner Kozak
    Assistant Professional
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